Alpha Farnell Bear

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15" Alpha Farnell

with cute face


Webbed embroidery on paw pads / glass eyes / condition very good with minor loss of mohair


Founded in London, J.K.Farnell was started in 1840 by a silk merchant, John Kirby Farnell, and

made items such as pin cushions and tea cosies.

After John's death, his children, Henry and Agnes, continued the business from Acton in West London.
They produced soft toys, and rapidly became one of the leading teddy bear manufacturers,

registering the Alpha trademark in 1925.
The company premises were destroyed by fire in 1934 and by bombing in 1940.

It finally ceased trading in the 1960s and the Farnell name was taken over by Merrythought in 1996.[2]

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